Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ice Cream

     I do try to eat well. Sometimes I try to eat extremely well. Often I swear that I won't eat anything that isn't as nutritious as red peppers and organic chicken are. And sometimes I fall apart and think about chocolate. And eat chocolate. 
     Today my leg hurt and it was cold and the idea of ice cream filled my mind. I was trying to replicate the sensation of eating ice cream that Susan bought in New York. On the good side, it advertised itself as having half the fat content as most ice cream does. ( I never eat ice cream except the Weight Watchers Cookies and Cream 2 point chocolate ice cream sticks.) And it was very creamy. And it was chocolate. And it was supremely comforting.
     The ice cream I bought in the supermarket was probably the same flavor that she bought. But it didn't have the chance to thaw enough. And I wasn't in the same happy setting. Still, I did feel better. 
     Isn't it odd that chocolate really does that? I've read why many of us are addicted to fat. And why chocolate has a positive effect on the moods of some people. There's enough written about the pros and cons of each. There's just something about lying in bed with the dogs and eating chocolate ice cream that really is comforting.

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  1. If it weren't late and I didn't have to get dressed, your ode to ice cream--Edy's "French Silk--would send me to the store.