Saturday, September 26, 2009

Coveting Stories

When I tell Krissy a story, which I rarely do because she's the talker, I have to say, "I'll tell you this, but you can't use it." Sometimes I only get through the first few sentences and she starts jumping up and down, "Oh, no, I have to have that. I need that line for a monologue. I need it." Sometimes I have even better stuff to say after that, but she is still thinking about the perfect line, the perfect idea, that she can't use because I want to use it.We are scavengers, listening all the time for good stories. I will use the line she couldn't have and the rest of that material (which was really good) in a poem. She will undoubtedly use it in a play or a monologue or in something. Or she will tell people about this wonderful sentence her mother told her that she's not allowed to use, selfish mother, and someone else will use it.


  1. Why don't both of you use it? I love the picture.

  2. no, no, no, Mim. It's mine. I found it.
    (I'm sure she will use it...)
    I'll tell it to you sometime...

  3. nice to see both of you....half-see both of you....