Friday, December 4, 2009

Who Could Resist?

After her last visit, Susan suggested that Krissy and Smith start doing stand up a la Nichols and May. 
I, of course, would not be part of it, though I'd like to stand in the wings....a figure of rectitude.
I am afraid that Susan and I will have to write the script which wouldn't be all that hard. I've already thought up quite a few scenes.
Yesterday they got me to take photographs for a little animated video he is making so that they can show it next Tuesday night over in Sommerville. It involved a glorious white wig for Krissy, very red lipstick, an apron. He wore glasses and a tie. There was a teddy bear, my car, the couch and many, many images taken with my Lumix, me saying, "Stop. Wait" etc., photographs he imported into his computer and worked on in photoshop so that they now look somewhat surrealistic and like paintings.  

Krissy and I made a couple of videos when this once-a-month-what-do-you-have-as-a-short-video was a happening in Brookline. One of mine got in the best of 2008. That was a treat....  I dragged Lorna and Warren over to see it, just like it was a big event. Fun.


  1. O, figure of rectitude, keen observer.

  2. These photos made me inexplicably happy. Particularly the banana phone. On my first day at work my boss said she was going to call me and she put a banana to her ear and said hello? hello? and I knew every little thing was going to be okay.

  3. Yes, indeed, figure of rectitude. If you're lucky, we'll enlist you in the script writing, Mim.
    Thank you Radish King. I'm so annoyed that your site doesn't come up in my little list of blogs I'm following..I am following yours, but I have to go to Mim's to get a hold of I don't as often as I'd like....

  4. Melissa, if you want to read my blog, bookmark it. I can't help you being annoyed. In fact your being annoyed by my not having my RSS feeds turned on is annoying me and now I have to go bake a cake and eat the entire thing in order to right things in my small but selfish universe.

  5. Oh, Raddish King, I'm so sorry that you're going to get fat because I can't get your blog to come up
    and that I'm too stupid to know how to bookmark.
    Now I will have endless guilt....

  6. It will make me warm all winter :))

    If you go to Bookmarks on the top of your browser or bowser window and click on it while you're on my page and then click on Bookmark This Page, then it will be there next time you click on bookmarks. NO ENDLESS GUILT! Lord woman, we simply do not have time for that and you have photographs to take and poetry to write and that yellow slide makes me happy.
    xorebecca the round