Sunday, October 3, 2010

Wind and Recovery

Maybe I learned to like weather, wind, heavy rain, storms, from my father. I'm not overly fond of sun, but I do like weather.

When I lived in New York, and even up here in Brookline, I rarely noticed clouds. But now I'm fascinated by them. An they've been quite remarkable lately.

I'm not quite sure why I'm in the midst of this garden show project. Perhaps because I'm able to do it and I wasn't able to do anything for so long. Perhaps I'm exercising, proving that I can function. Building up muscle tone by a quite easy project, a bit expensive, but no details that I have to worry about overly.

I don't consider it 'my' work, a concept that no one will understand who isn't a photographer or a writer. It's a bit like writing a prologue for someone's play, but it's illustrating the seasons of the local community garden and the folks who worked there. And I'm quite fond of a few of the images and I'm half way through putting them in cheap frames from Michaels. The prints are decent, archival, and I'm decorating some of them by writing that no one can read because it's sideways and my handwriting is so risky.

Here's the text that David Rudolph provided...
Ahh the bounty!!! In the shared space of the Community Garden I've learned how to grow from the attention defiity disordered, the control freaks, and thte cool, calm, and disfunctional. Watching worms mate was inspirational, and getting obsessive about collecting every arugala seed pod possible was revealing Christians, jews, hindi, muslims, scientologiests, atheists and agnostics have all shared work in the budding of the community garden this devine summer.

Pretty, damn good text. I wish that I didn't have such a mundane nature. But that is what happened, all curious energy...remarkable...

(In trying to put the blogs I follow on to my first page, I didn't succeed and Ilost my much for an attempt at progress.)


  1. i LOVE weather. we went to Nashville for a week in August and i loved the humidity and thunderstorms and heat and the smell of the air and tree.

  2. hi melissa,
    i am glad you are immersed in a project. you have not lost your followers at all....
    if there is to be a show, open to the public, will you give me notice?

  3. Motion! The top picture is tops.

    Please send info. about the opening.

    Love from Mim

  4. Hi Melissa - I love weather, too; temperamental, thundering weather that spills rain and sends clouds scudding (as they are in your pic)...

    Your Community Garden project sounds wonderful. In a way, that's kind of what we're all doing here in the blogosphere, isn't it? A group of disparate individuals digging in the soil together, apart -- a process never short of surprises.

    Lovely to hear you're feeling so well and to see you getting stuck in!


  5. Me too - not too fond of sun, but love weather. Dunedin offers plenty of it, and it sorts us out. Those who stay are weathery people. All the best with your prologue Melissa. It sounds like a great play!

  6. Hello Melissa - just popping in to say I hope all is well in your world. . . you've been quiet for a while and your presence is missed. Perhaps you're immersed in a creative project. Hope so. Take care over there - L, C