Sunday, February 19, 2012


 If I ever decide to work on another spiral bound book with photographs and text, especially if half the text is in Spanish which I don't speak, just because it would be a fantastic opportunity to present the work of a group of non-English speakers, many of whom never had the opportunity to go to school past the 4th grade and all of whom are over 55, who will contribute their recipes, be in charge of the content, a real community effort, that I would support by putting photographs and their text into a useable form since I supposedly have that skill.....I hope I just shoot myself.

It's taken an enormous amount of time, not only for me, but for the woman who conducts their her very inclusive way, nicely moving from Spanish to English and making all of us feel acknowledged. (I'd been going to the class in Conversational English to learn some Spanish.)

I hope I've done almost my last go-round with it, the fourth, or maybe the 6th, but it feels like the 40th...and added the changes that Margaret caught with her sharp eyes... except that there is probably no way to convince Adobe Photoshop to use the same typeface when I add Spanish there will be all those little glitches in the type...which she will notice, but which, frankly, I don't have the energy to care about.

And, of course, two of my three  printers crapped out just as I started this last go-round and needed to print the results. One of them may have been lying dog-oh, pretending it would work if I put in new ink, which I did, and it didn't.

 And the other was a complete surprise -- my good, archival ink, very expensive, printer that was working just last week, gave up...  I have to find a solution to that since I have so many packages of ink for it, so I'll go looking for a repair shop.

But I did spend all Friday shopping for an inexpensive plain-old printer without the capacity to scan in images and to xerox them..I just wanted a printer, not all the new stuff, since I need a very good, expensive scanner...not a cheap version...

I didn't find it but found comfort in going into a construction site and photographing the wrappings of motor boats and then ordered the printer on-line and am waiting impatiently for the arrival.

Today, when I went out to buy more mini-DVDs because I'm starting work on more Bread and Roses interviews in Lawrence for a show in June...and Hunt was out of them, totally....out..........won't be coming in until March. The comfort for that was photographing the wrapping of a building under construction.


  1. What a project. I'm sure Margaret will be grateful for whatever she gets, least she should be.
    Bread and Roses -- they do some mighty good work!

  2. Thanks, dear Melissa, for your news. I've been reading "My Suffolk Downs," and lingering on the poignant pictures. Such good work!

  3. Thank you...both..
    The Bread and Roses, in this case, is a Centennial Celebration of the 1912 strike and it's at the Wood Mill, I think, open Thursday-Sunday, 6th can find it on the web, but I don't think you live around here, Rubye Jack...