Saturday, December 8, 2012

the dentist, Jay Z, James and Run-to

This is Sherlock in a box. He loves boxes. Any box will do. And patrols high surfaces, wondering what he can knock to the floor (and break.)

For years I have dreaded going to the of my list of hates -- dentists.

But I needed a new dentist because having my problems fixed in the fancy-pants office in Brookline was going to cost an absolute fortune and, in despair, I asked a friend and she suggested her dentist who had gone into practice with a younger man who was taking over...   So, with heavy heart, I went to see him, the younger fellow...a pleasant enough visit that just entailed talking. But, but BUT, I had to have a tooth pulled. Now the former dentist was sending me to a pulling-specialist, but the new dentist said he though he could pull it in the office. (And he takes my insurance.)

So, having taken my quarter of a Valium, and with a stone-cold heart, I went to have it pulled...expecting to leave an hour or more later, exhausted with nervousness. Ten minutes. Nothing more than a tylenol needed afterward. A miracle. And he was calm, quiet and gently talkative about what was coming next for the whole ten minutes. How was this possible?

(He even offered me the tooth to take home. Regretfully, I said no, because I could have added it to all my daughter's baby teeth that I have saved and the fantastic tooth from a dog my father kept when he was a boy.)

Well, I needed a lot more work done, but to my amazement, didn't need the Valium any longer...I now don't assume that I'll die from the injection. And I don't hate going to the dentist.

I suppose I could say that this is the numbing of age, but I'm sure it isn't. And sure that if I went to the other office again...(actually my long-time dentist is retired, he was a rather high strung man, a bit jangly by nature, but nice enough and familiar, and his replacement seemed more like a well-toned salesman .... ) I'm sure I'd be the same wreck.

(I do totally miss the hygenist there because I'd gone to her for so long and listened to stories of her children as they grew up...of her divorce, her father's death, a good marriage, sailing...but my new one lives close to friends and also has children she talks about...her father had 16 children ((two wives)) which is something to think about.)

 So, if anyone lives within driving distance (he's worth a long commute) of North Cambridge, please let me know and I'll give you his name and number and you will, most probably, I can't imagine you wouldn't be, be happy with this modest, quiet man...and his assistant is nice, too...    

I know that the photograph looks a bit odd, but he was working on a fairly deep filling and I had nothing, nada, not a twinge reaction to cold, to heat, no need for a tylenol...etc. etc....  I can't believe it..and I can't believe that I no longer put dentists in the category of the devil...

On to Jay Z/
K. came running upstairs the other night, "You must turn on Channel 14, 14, no, 14." I was reading Daniel Smith's book on hearing voices...the tv was on, but I wasn't listening, but, she said, E. is on channel 14...  She kept coming back up to check whether I was watching, waiting for E. to appear, because K. had seen the sneak preview on this entertainment show about Jay Z riding on the subway back to Brooklyn for his 8th concert and sitting down next to someone who didn't know who he was. Our friend, E.

Finally, the little bit was shown...Jay Z. walking into the station, hundreds of people taking photos of him, his getting into the car, sitting down next to a pleasant looking woman with gray hair pulled back, glasses, and starting a conversation. Now, E. is very attractive, with a fine profile and a lovely laugh, but she does have gray hair. She's not, not, not as old as I am, but she has gray hair....and didn't know who he was. He politely told her he was Jay and was heading to his concert and she congratulated him on taking the subway and so on......   And the wretched commentator talked about the 'old' lady who would call her grandson and in a creaking voice say, "I just met Jay somebody....."                  Anyway, I wouldn't have known Jay Z, either, though I do know L.L. Cool J and Ice T by sight and would like to sit down next to one of them.

So, now I'm to James who I hope will read this and contact me...please...I can't find his blog and can't connect to him via the MAC mail...the same way I couldn't contact the Cuban in London when I tried... but Run to the Roundhouse, Nellie, will be up soon...the memoir site that Susan Landry is creating and I'm participating in....  I had hoped that james would send a hometown riff...250 words strung in his inimitable way........   but don't know how to contact him.

We will be  looking for guest editors..and most definitely.for folks to respond to the Roundhouse topics...for the first issue it's hometown, any riff that this word sets off in your brain...  250 words max....submit to   with your name as you wanted it printed, the city and state where  you live, contact info if you wish...                     Later topics will be on the site when it's up.


  1. i agree: having a filling or even a thorough cleaning is more painful than having one pulled.

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  10. Now, E. is very attractive, with a fine profile and a lovely laugh, but she does have gray hair. She's not, not, not as old as I am, but she has gray hair....and didn't know who he was.