Friday, June 5, 2009

The Blobs

I've been working with clay for the past five or so years and have finished four installations that work rather well, though god knows if I'll ever find a place to show them. This is the fifth and it is, perhaps, not finished.

I actually like these blobs a lot and have gone on to make quite a few more. I have not yet photographed the whole unit and can't imagine doing that right now, but you live in hope.

It doesn't particularly bother me to have made all these space-occupying "things" that have to be packed away once I get some good photographs of them. I've taken different images, some with a real camera, the Leica, in which the blobs are arranged with more space between the various tonal sections.

I've always liked process rather than product, but this is rather a bulky product and I'm getting to a point where I think that working with clay is becoming counter productive unless I can begin to show them.

To my surprise, I've had three chapbooks of poetry accepted within this same period of time, work done over many years. Maybe I just have to wait.

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