Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Car Wash

I like to go through the car wash with my dog so I can take photographs. 

This time, my car was so dirty that I helped wipe it off after the outside guy sprayed grease remover on the hood, the right side, the back and the top. I have no idea what had happened other than that the tree I park under drops gunk on it. He suggested that I take it through again, free. I was embarrassed that I'd already put my dollars in the tip box so I had  no proof about how appreciative I was about all his hard work and embarrassed about having such a filthy car. 

I almost drove away, but I  thought, 'this is such a good photo opportunity, go for it' and so we rode back through a second time. 

     My camera pauses between shots. It would probably be better with video.

     Maybe I can spend all summer going through the car wash making videos. It only costs $6.99 plus tip.

When my daughter was little, we used to take her up to the Bronx to visit her grandfather. He would buy her take-out fried chicken and then they would ride through the car wash. She really liked to do that a lot.


  1. I have absolutely no idea how to remove photographs. I'd like to remove several of these.

  2. Go to edit post, then select the photo by moving it slightly with cursor. Hit delete button.

    Surprising! You capture the closed-in quality, reminiscent of being in a car covered with snow.

  3. the colors are terrific....i love being driven through a car wash, but i am a bit afraid of them (afraid i'll do it wrong).

  4. You don't have to do anything except put your car in neutral and don't step on the brake...then you slide off the other end...and you'll know when to put the car in drive...