Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tea with the Sparrow

The Sparrow has moved out of the black galleon that was in her family for years and now lives in a small, sunny, absolutely lovely and orderly apartment that feels just right.

We had tea on Sunday, sitting at her kitchen table where she often looks out of the window, happily, thinking and writing. I was looking at the house across the street that's all dolled up for Halloween, all sorts of stuff scattered around. The sun was out and I wondered why on earth I'd never thought of putting a table near a window and watching.

The Sparrow has at least three places in her new apartment where she writes plus a new and absolutely gorgeous computer. She is at work on another book. Is it the sixth? 

It was wonderful to see her in this new space, to know that she's working well and living nicely.


  1. Lovely writing, the pictures rich and friendly.

  2. dearest Melissa,
    i just discovered all these new posts on your blog! before i left my job, the IT guy updated my computer with new programs, but many applications, like getting to my blogs, were erased you were stuck back on Oct. 15th...and i just thought you werent writing.
    i finally figured it out and got caught up--wonderful stories....i like hearing you try and figure out what kind of life you want to live. as you know, i am parked on the same square. xxoo
    is this the poet Sparrow? or have you devised a pseudonym for someone? i will get the schedule to the Brookline readings. if someone i am interested in is reading, i'll come down. we can have lattes.

  3. It is poet sparrow.
    you can get on the Brookline third week of the month readings, but I'm not sure how. I will forward them to you.
    I was in NY visiting you when Mim read there. I was sorry to miss that, but my trip was so good...