Sunday, July 26, 2009

The New York Brussels Griffon vs. Tulip from Georgia

The top dog in this blog is the new Tulip. The following dog is a Brussels Griffon who happens to live near Susan's friend, Sheila on 16th Street in New York. Sheila recognized the photograph when I showed her some of my obsessive photo collection of New York dogs during that birthday-present-to-myself trip. I had hoped that Tulip would look like this dog, but I'm afraid that she doesn't. She'll have to make up in personality what she lacks in beauty.


  1. Hallo Melissa!
    I saw some of your wonderful photographs (pardon my English) at the Museum of Modern art in Stockholm (Sweden) today. Me and my husband were very touched by what we saw. Did you see the exhibition? They show a numerous amount of photographes from the collection of theirs. I didn´t know about you and your work before. Happy to find you!

  2. tulip looks like a love child.....
    a hasty mating, perhaps, but wild and passionate.

  3. Ugly beauties! They're terrific.

  4. Hi Tina, thanks so much for the comment and for hunting me up. I haven't seen the show, but I was really glad that the work was there. You can find more work on my website...

  5. Brussels Griffons are the cuttest and most loyal dogs ever! Love them! I have two. We are located in Orange County, California. Both our dogs are currently in the Cutest Dog Competition, take a look and VOTE FOR THEM!!! This is Bailey
    This is Brice

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