Sunday, July 26, 2009


     I thought blogging would be a meditative sport, but when you're computer craps out, you lose momentum. So, Tulip has been a presence for over a week without any public acknowledgment. 
I think I was suffering from the inevitable loss of my daughter's presence since she is moving to New York. She has created an admirable amount of distraction this last year and a half. And I'm also worried about having a back-up dog, since Bogie, love-dog of my life, is nine and has a chronic shaking in his back legs that occasionally becomes a total trembling if something sets him off.
So, I looked on line under Shih Tzu, a calm breed with little expression of stress and many displays of affection. And I found Tulip who was advertised as half Shih-Tzu and Brussels Griffon. I love the Griffon, a favorite New York dog. They are quite hideous looking, a quality I appreciate. 
Tulip was rescued by Gard in Georgia and it took them three weeks or so to find transport for her, a van loaded with 20 dogs to be delivered by Tom in New York, Connecticut and Providence. Dogs are, evidentially, not allowed to be driven into Massachusetts. Krissy and Chris picked her up at a park in Providence a week-and-a-half ago.

Bogie is reasonably tolerant, but not overly pleased. One session with Jenifer Vickery, the dog trainer, taught me how to get Tulip to sleep quietly in the kitchen all night. And we go back on Thursday for more instructions. I should remember all the lessons from the endless training with Bogie, but I don't. 

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