Thursday, July 30, 2009


For some reason these photographs are about pain even though they were taken outside the gate of the track and are piles of sand and gravel that are used by the grounds men.

For many years (well over twenty) I've struggled with fibromyalgia, a neuro-transmitter glitch that causes the sensation of pain in the muscles. Since I started taking a very small dose of Lexapro, an SSRI, it's been infinitely better. Before I used to feel as if I had the flu continually. Sometimes I lay on the floor during faculty meetings or went to bed really early. But now I lead an almost normal life except that something aches. My shoulders hurt if I have been working on the computer very much, or if I've been looking down at the laptop, or working with clay. Sometimes I get a headache for the same reasons. Or my leg hurts and I limp. Recently I fell down a few steps and my right leg has been hurting. It will take another two or three months before I no longer notice it. Each day I feel some (mild) pain, annoying, but so much better than the serious problems that many of my friends are going through.

Tomorrow my right leg will hurt, but I will go to the track and wash water buckets, extremely glad to be there even if it's hot and humid, very hot and humid.


  1. solid unyielding shades of gray ... like some kinds of pain: loss, resignation, that leg/shoulder that always aches.

  2. I saw some of your photos at Moderna museet in Sweden and your name was the only name I wrote down bcause I felt something special when I looked at your photos. I didn't know you had a blog!found it from a friends blog. :) (:

  3. Thank you, Izoi Treli...I appreciate that you connected to those photographs. I do have a website that has many more on You might enjoy it. Again, thank you...

    and thanks Susan!