Monday, August 10, 2009

Chocolate Pudding

Before I saw Joe in the hospital the first time, I had to have chocolate pudding. Afterwards, I planned to have chocolate cake, but I decided on a salad.

The second time I went to see him, I had a salad first and vanilla and chocolate pudding afterwards.

This time I ate my lunch at work, went to visit and had chocolate cream pie afterwards.

It's very hard to see  him there. 


  1. i like the clarity of cause and effect. years ago, when my mother was in mass general, i spent a fortune on charles street. when she dozed off, i'd run out for half an hour, and buy things in a trance.....

  2. Oh,Susan, I bet the things you bought were more permanent than chocolate cream pie.

    Yes, cause and effect.
    The currative effect of chocolate.