Thursday, August 20, 2009

I try to sit for minimum amounts of time, but occasionally I actually stay in one place, looking at blogs I know and looking at blogs I find...I just saw Neil's drawing. He is only nineteen and had endless sketches that he must have done in high school and during this year afterwards. And I read the Dishwasher (can't remember the exact title, but I found him on Miriam Levine's blogspot) who writes in this semi-comic, deadly-serious, dire-heavy-romantic way about death and showers and his wife and father and step-mother (not wicked) with white print on black, leaving lots of space, and also includes recipes of the fantastic meals he makes and I argued with Mim about one of her posts and checked in to Rock/Scissors/Paper but there were no listings and looked at a hot yoga site that lists where he's going to give classes. I once found a fantastic site that must have been put on by a Bolivian man who photographs the most fantastic steer (not bulls, but larger, more curious) that must be shown at exhibitions around his country. I should have flagged it.


  1. There's marvelous stuff out there in the blogosphere. I'm reading yours while "Godzilla" plays on channel 200. He breathes fire.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Melissa.

    I like what you've got going on here.