Monday, August 31, 2009

Self-Portraits, 1972, 73 and 2008, 09

It's August 31st, the last day of this eight month series of daily self-portraits, December 2008-August 2009. I missed three or four days, some of them recently. That's the test, will I remember that I'm in the middle of this project. 
I took no nudes this time. I'm not sure why, since I've done others in these last years. This camera made hand-held or put-it-on-the-table images so much easier.

Anyway, it's over. This series. 
Will I wait another five years?
I like the combination of the first set and this one, though the few people I've shown them to don't particularly like the combination. It seems too jarring, I've been told, no continuity. That's just what I like. No continuity. 
We'll see.

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