Wednesday, March 24, 2010

8/10 Restaurant, Everett, MA

What a glorious restaurant, empty, a rainy day. They usually get a heavy take-out lunch business. The chef is excellent. The barman has a bit of a sense of humor. The owner sits at the bar, friendly and welcoming.

The health bill seems. I can't believe that anything sensible happened in this wrack-and-ruin system of objections. But I'm extremely glad and wish it safe continuance.

I heard my doctor and someone celebrating in the hallway, outside the exam room, on Monday. And I wanted to join in!


  1. It is wonderful that this bill has been passed and not before time. Let's all rejoice even against the clamour of the naysayers.

  2. You're out and about! This is very good news.

    I've been cheering ever since the health care bill passed. Now the politicians are shouting again, this time about the States refusing to comply. I don't think that will fly.

  3. Looks like a very fine establishment to celebrate your speedy recovery and the Passing of The Bill!
    Good news on both counts.