Friday, March 26, 2010

R.I.P., Lolly

I can't imagine how terrible it was for C. when Lolly got so sick, unable to even drink water, last Friday night. K. was away. I was just home from the hospital and still causing problems. And his beloved Lolly-Bolly, who he's had for sixteen years, since she was six weeks old, was clearly past managing any longer.

She's been, as he says, more like a piece of furniture for the last year and a half, but her tail wagged, she ate and walked out to the yard.

The day before, when the other three dogs were up here, I heard scuffling on the stairs and sniffing at the door, and there she was, heading for the kitchen for a treat. She hadn't done that for months.

I think it was enormously brave of C. to take her to the vets Saturday afternoon. I watched him carry her to the car. I know how much he wanted to take her home and wait for K. to get back, but he made such a good decision since she wasn't going to get the slightest bit better, and would only have suffered. When a vet doesn't offer to do any tests, you know the story.

She was a nice lady, Straffordshire Terrier. Much beloved by C. and K.


  1. And although I never got to know her, missed by others, too. When someone writes with so much passion as you do, others sympathise with your pain. Many thanks. Welcome back.

    Off topic here but on topic with my post about feminisn. Never say never and better late than never. I guess you'll have to read between the lines.

    Greetings from London.

  2. A dear dog with such affecting eyes.

    I'm so glad to be getting your posts again!

  3. I'm so sorry for the loss of this sweet, sweet dog.

  4. Sad to lose that lovely dog, Melissa. That is an excruciating part of life, to take a beloved pet to the veterinarian and put them to sleep. Sweet dreams, Lolly.