Friday, March 26, 2010


Well, the photos aren't in order. A problem that I have forgotten how to solve.

But this started out as a pilgrimage to return two bags of rocks that I carefully collected from Revere Beach, each seeming like a bit of sculpture that I just had to take home. Most were gray with edges smoothed by sand. Some were clearly shaped, angular. Each chosen carefully. Most returned yesterday by my daughter who also took the dogs for a walk on the cold windy beach. She's game for anything, I tell you.

Before that we went for breakfast at the Bagel Bin on Shirley Avenue. My Cuban friend would reward me with two eggs and toast after I took him into some hospital appointment. I love this place where lots of characters (my age or slightly younger, men, probably on the city council, sit around, drinking coffee. I had two eggs and four pieces of toast. They look pretty ghastly since I forgot to photograph them when they were hot and whole. K. and C. had more adventurous dishes. I convinced her to try the bread pudding that my buddy and I would often share. It's fabulous.

And the dogs and I waited in the car while K. and C. tried another pharmacist to see where to buy the protein drink that would be helpful. I find Happy, always eager to get into the front seat, into the action, into your face, onto your lap, into the plate, just a snack please, very comforting.

My second good outing!


  1. I hear it's snowing in Boston so you probably will be eating at home today and planning your next outing. Happy travels! And good eating.


  2. sweet faces!
    did you have to return the rocks or...?

  3. Krissy returned the rocks!
    I'm starting a slow paring down....
    thanks all....