Monday, February 2, 2015

Snowing and Drawing….

 On the night of the blizzard, I promised myself that if the electricity and heat didn't go off, I wouldn't complain. So, I'm not complaining, but paying the kind man next door to do the shoveling. This time I imagine my car being drivable in two days…..

I've spent several days inside drawing tree knots or rather someone is using my hand to make these drawings because they are in a style I find unimaginable…very chilly and quite precise….
but I figure that if I keep going, doing as many as I can which is maximally three a day since they take so long, I will get a quite a number finished before the real person comes back and starts drawing in the way she knows how to draw --

I've enjoyed photographing tree knots, not knowing quite what I'd do with the photographs…the way I've photographed all the mushrooms I've found growing in the parks, not knowing what I'll do with them.

 I've joined Atlantic Works Gallery in East Boston, a situation that's comfortably like going back to the sixties with a collective of wacky packers,  completely enjoyable.
I have ten drawings in the show of the five new gallery members. I hadn't realized that my writing is totally illegible, but I know now… not that I care much. I don't seem to ever care.

But it was pleasant installing it…Walter helped me….so that was a quick task…. And I slouched around for a while, helping if I could…

Audrina and I shopped for the opening food at Shaws, a sorry supermarket, …and she packed almost everything in her cloth bag since she is a vegetarian and a non-plastic person, young and capable of lugging huge amounts. By the time we got to the gallery, my back had given up and she did a lot of the setting up while I lay on the floor.  

I managed to last over an hour at the opening….It was an extremely cold night, extremely….I enjoyed the gallery folks, pleasant folks…  I'll have pictures of the gallery next week since I'm gallery sitting on Saturday…2-6, not many people visit the gallery, so more time to draw…

My new vice was The Grand, a BBC production, bless those Brits, a soap opera that gave great pleasure, set just after the first world war when veterans were suffering and times were changing…there was a gorgeous old madam who ran a brothel. as a main character and a couple of murders, two brothers at odds with each other, etc…what could be better….  Unfortunately, there was only 18 episodes…   alas…Now I'm on to The Paradise…not nearly as up my alley…

thank you…….for reading..


  1. the tree knot drawings are wonderful, sensual, like body parts. they remind me of the women's torsos/breasts you used to draw.