Friday, January 8, 2010

Beauty Does Matter

I delude myself that beauty doesn't matter. And, in my environment, it doesn't. I do like light, but other than that need, I don't much care and I'm pretty incapable of making an attractive home for myself.

But on some level what I consider to be beautiful is important. And Tulip was extremely fetching before she went to the groomer. Now she's pathetic, reduced to gray skin, haunting eyes and no character. Krissy almost cried when I brought her back, having said I was insane to have want to take her in the morning. Just give her another bath, add conditioner and wait until spring. Why does it matter that she's matted and getting more so by the minute?

But I'd taken her to the vet, gotten a sedative, made my decision, given her less than a quarter of a pink pill and drove the forty-five minutes it takes to get her to Sarah who said there wasn't any hope but shaving her down. And it's winter. Should I take her away and wait? "No, you've already given her the pill."

She still likes the snow. And still barks at the cat. But she's not the same dog having lost volume and sparkle. Krissy says that by Valentine's day she'll look better.

I will go on at greater length about beauty in another post. Right now I'm in too much shock, having lost my gorgeous, funny looking carpet.


  1. Oh dear! But the matts hurt their delicate skin I think, are bothersome after a while. I know mine are a real bitch. Hahahaa.

    I received your AMAZING DOG and MUD plates today arrived safe and sound on my front porch, oh they are so beautiful and they are on my coffee table that my friend Bob made before he got weird and they look perfect there. Thank you SOOOOO much!

    I love art. I love artists.

    I have written so many posts on my blog about beauty. It's been an ongoing theme at one point I even named it The Marilyn Continuum.

    Expect a proper thank you in the mail soon.

    ps. The cats are going crazy around your box. They say it doesn't smell like Seattle. They're quite excited.


  2. i think Tulip is still fetching. i love a clean dog!

  3. I like her both ways!

    Your post reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes when Calvin's mom slicks down his hair with a neat side part for school picture day.

  4. I'm glad you like the plates, Radish...that box has solid dog seared into it...and some snow flakes...
    Oh, a clean dog???? You can say that because a bulldog has all those crevices and always smells...that old doggy smell...
    thank you dutchbaby...